General packaging and shipping information 

Each purchase will come in a separate package, which is suitable for preserving your seeds for longer periods. You can refrigerate your seeds using our bags for up to three years and even moreBe aware that older seeds have lower germination percentages.  

Instructions on how to store the seeds, plant them, care about them, and seeding calendar can be found at our website. There is a specifically made seeding calendar beneath each product description. We encourage you to print it and use it to monitor and follow your plant’s progress. 

We offer FREE SHIPPING for USA, Canada, and worldwide on all orders over $15. You also get SAME DAY shipping for all orders placed before 11 am EST. 

How many seeds are in an EcoBee Seeds package?

We are a small grower and we focus on sustainable organic growth, so our production is limited but good quality. We want our seeds to reach as many small urban and home gardens as possible. Therefore, we limit the number of seeds in each bag, without endangering the integrity of your harvest. Anything extra you receive has a huge chance of going to waste and never reaching your pots and gardens. The quantities are such because we do not expect our seeds to be used by commercial growers. If you need more, please contact us at first. 

Most of the packages will contain 20-30 seeds. We try to grow very regionally and rare type of plans, like our Greek Basil, so they might be offered in even smaller packages. But do not worry, we take additional consideration of making sure that the number of the seeds is sufficient enough for you to have a good harvest 

Do you know that you can get a good harvest from only couple of seeds? 

We put extra effort to make sure that the seeds we offer are healthy to secure a very high grow rate. We select only strong and fully matured plants for harvesting. Allowing our plants adequate time to mature enables them to store sufficient nutrients for germination and healthy growth of their seeds.  

With little determination from your side by storing them properly or planting them soon enough in the recommended season, most of them will germinate and produce healthy plants.